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Where should I hang my air freshener?

You can hang your air freshener anywhere you want that sweet, tropical surf wax scent. Just be sure to allow it to hang freely. Don't allow this (or any other) air freshener to make contact with any other surfaces. (Especially plastics). This can cause damage to the surface.

How long do your air fresheners last?

That depends on your nose, and what your sense of smell is like. Many customers have said they smell them for 12-14 days, with the first few days smelling the strongest. Some people tell us they smell them for up to a month! Some say it lasts only a few days. We hope you're a monther!

Do you make your air fresheners in the USA?

Yes, all ulu LAGOON products are made in the United States.

I have a cool design, do you take recommendations?

Yes, absolutely. If you have a design that you think would look good on our air fresheners. Reach out to us we would love to talk!

Why does my candle smoke when I light it?

You probably need to trim your wick. Always be sure to trim your candle wicks to 1/4" before buring. This will promote a clean burning candle.Always be sure to remove any particles from your candle before burning as well. Lastly, make sure you don't have any drafts in the environment you're using your candle, as this can cause excess flickering and smoking.

I spilled wax on my carpet, how do I get it out?

Yes you can. Simply place some folded paper towel on the spilled wax. Then place a warm iron ( like the type you iron clothes with) on top of the paper towel. Move the iron back and forth slowly a few times and lift the paper towel with the wax in it. Repeat as necessary.

How do I care for my candles?

To get the most from your candles here are a couple tips and tricks you can use.

1) Trim your wick. - Before you light your candle make sure there is around 1/4" of the wick above the wax. Long wicks can create soot/smoke coming off the candle as well as overheating the container.
2) Keep the wax clean - If foreign debris gets into the wax it can cause it to burn unevenly which can lead to wax tunneling.
3) Burn the candle until the wax is evenly melted across the top of the candle - Let your candle burn until there is a layer of liquid wax across the entire top of the candle. For estimated times - refer to the product page
4) Burn your candle on an even and level surface. If the candle is tilted in a direction the wax will unevenly melt which can lead to the container overheating and/or wax tunneling.
5) Reduce drafts - Drafts can create smoke/soot coming off the candle, uneven wax melting, and overheating of the candle vessel
6) Keep clear of flammable materials - Use common sense in your candle placement, please don't put the candles in a location that can create a fire
7) Stop using the candle once the wax is down to 1/2" from the bottom of the candle - Burning the candle beyond this point can overheat the candle vessel and lead to additional damage

My candle wax is used up what can I do with it now?

Here are a couple common uses for your candle container

  • Flower Pot
  • Piggy Bank
  • Jewelry Holder
  • Spice Jar
  • Key Holder



Once the candle wax has been burned to 1/2" of the bottom of the container, you can repurpose the container as a decoration in the house.


  1. Scrape or tap candle over a trashcan to get any loose wax out of the candle
  2. Place the candle in the freezer for a couple hours
This will pull the wax away from the walls of the candle

As well as make the wax more brittle

    3.Over a trashcan tap the candle to pop out the wax. You may need to scrape some of the walls to help it pull/pry away from the container.

    4.Wash the inside of the container with soap and water

You have repurposed the candle into a new decoration!

Is this the same scent as the original surf wax candle from Ted Shred's

Yes it is! There's no mistaking that scent!

Are you the same company as Ted Shreds?

Yes and no. Our founder is the same founder as Ted Shreds, but we are a different company. Check out our History page to learn more about where the company came from.

Do you work with photographers / graphic designers for your art?

We do have a designer that helps turn our idea's into the designs that you see on our products.

However, we are always looking to bring in new designs, inspirations and photos. If you have something that you think is awesome, let us know. Give us a call or send us an email, we would love to hear from you.

How can I be notified about new product releases?

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Do you sponsor any surfers or photographers?

At this time we don't... But - We are looking to work with photographers to expand our "Photo Series" lineup of candles. If you are a photographer and you have some great shots, let us know.