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ulu LAGOON is a modern, style oriented candle company inspired by the travels, passions, and interests we share with our customers. The surf wax scented candles we produce are based on the original coconut surf wax scent, developed by our creator and candle branding renegade, Ted Shred. To say these surf wax candles had an impact on the candle world and pop culture would be an understatement, as they have inspired people and companies around the planet in an attempt to emulate what these candles have done for our customers. Named one of the best smelling candles ever created by The New York Times, we take great pride in the deep emotional connection these high quality products have with you. We really enjoy serving you up with these incredible smelling candles and air fresheners. Whether you love surfing, enjoy a coastal lifestyle, or are a coffee addict, we blaze our own path with authentic representations of these lifestyles and interests with a growing lineup of products. We welcome you to join us on this journey of creating the uniquely cool candle brand that is ulu LAGOON. Once you try one, you'll quickly realize why there can be no substitute for the original.