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Our Story

ulu LAGOON is a modern company that produces candles inspired by surfing and our coastal lifestyle. The people behind this brand are visionaries, business men, surfers, skaters, and designers with a disregard for the rules established by others. When you experience the distinct coconut surf wax scent of ulu LAGOON, you'll be transported to a place in your mind where the palm trees sway easily in the breeze with a vibrant sunset backdrop. Born from a passion for the sea and the surf, ulu LAGOON brings you high quality fragrance that will transform any place you happen to be into a coastal oasis. You'll practically hear the waves breaking… as you light your ulu LAGOON candles and experience the mysteriously tropical surf wax scent that is ulu LAGOON. This is the only place you can get it. This is "the new wave in surf wax candles". This is ulu LAGOON!